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About us

Csimota Publishing Company — member of Móra Publishing Group
Founded in 2003 and dedicated to quality children’s books

We believe in:

  • quality and high standards
  • esthetic and special designs
  • creativity and innovation
  • awareness: raising taboo questions in literature (being different, tolerance, life cycle)
  • promoting talent

Csimota was founded in 2003 with a clear vision to bring something new to the children’s book market: to mentor young talented artists, and raise the awareness that beyond quality of the text visual stimulus of the books are equally important.

Csimota became one of the most progressive publishing companies in Hungary,  keeping to its own values.  Our books are not only  acknowledged and praised by professionals,  but some of its publications became inescapable classics among readers.

Next to the most recognized authors: Krisztina Tóth, Dániel Varró, Gyula Böszörményi, György Dragomán, János Lackfi Csimota has gathered young talented illustrators to work with, such as Tibor Kárpáti, Mari Takács, Renáta Rippl, András (b) Baranyai, Gabriella Makhult, Sarolta Szulyovszky, Norbert Nagy and others.   Many of them are internationally recognized and working for big publishers and  in Europe and the US.

Several of our publications were also published outside Hungary and had numerous projects when working together with prestigious organizations and corporations  such as  Magvető Publishing House, Egyszervolt.hu, Pozsonyi Pagony, National Philharmonics, Sárik Péter Jazz Trió.


Mother and the Ginns: Book of the Year 2015, Dóra Elekes
Sündör and Niru – In the footsteps of Sündör: Illustrator of the Year 2015, Beatiful Book Special Mention 2015, Dávid Remsey
TOP25 Hungarian Children’s Books: Mother and the Ginns, Sündör and Niru – In the footsteps of Sündör

Young talents promoted: Gábor Lanczkor, Barbara Szepesi Szűcs, Barbara Treszner


Once upon a time… Anthology of fairy tales: Beautiful Book Special Mention 2014, Boglárka Paulovkin
IBBY Award for What Bird, Author of the Year 2014, Árpád Kollár
Suzana Fodor leaves the company, Lídia Valtinyi joins the company as an owner

Young talents promoted: Péter Borbáth, Dávid Remsey


What Bird awarded Golden Pin and Joseph Binder Design Award 2014.
Beautiful Book for The London Bears
Launch of Book Mecenas

Young talents promoted: Aleksandra Grela, Árpád Kollár, Norbert Nagy


New logo and website – by Szertaridisz Alexisz
Represented at the Salon du Livre, in Montreuil, FR


Became member of  Móra Publishing Group
Represented at the Salon du Livre, in Montreuil, FR

Young talents promoted: Panni Bodonyi, Carolina Búzio, Attila Stark


Winner of the NESsT–Citibank Social Enterprise Competition
Launching Kaméleon Reading Tree – promoting reading for 6-11 years old

Young talents promoted: Ági Csernus, Olga Molnár, Renáta Rippl


Change in ownership of the company: Katalin Edinger left the company
Sándor Szabó was taking over marketing and PR acitivites
Salon du Livres Montreuil: workshop with Csimota’s design series in focus
TOP 50 children’s books list with several Csimota publications including the winner: 1. Fresh Ink! Contemporary antology of poems for kids, 11. London Teddy Bears by Krisztina Tóth, 27. Once upon a time … Collection of classical and contemporary stories, 30. Zany ABC by Anna T. Szabó, Krisztina Tóth, Dániel Varró

Promoting young artist: Andrea Dezső, Sarolta Szulyovszky


Ibby-prize: translation prize for Dad, I am writing to you
Launch of Csimota’s Tolerancia series
Suzanna Fodor joined Csimota as Sales Director
Launch of Rainbow Book Community — a sales network

Promoting young artist: Borbála Árvai, Julianna Kasza


Launch of a unique product line, Kamishibai (Paper Theater)


One of Csimota’s talent, Tibor Kárpáti was selected to the Bologna Children Book Fair’s catalogue (they select a handful of artists out of 2500 applications) and Tibor’s work was showcased on the cover of the Tokio’ book fair catalogue.

Young artists promoted: Dia Nagy, Dóra Nagy


Launch of the Design series Hungary is the honorable guest at the Bologna Children Book Fair
Two of Csimota’s publications were showcased in the official exhibition in Bologna

Young artists promoted: Andrea Balogn, András Baranyai, Tibor Kárpáti


Fresh ink! was published in cooperation with another young publishing house, Pagony


 Young artist promoted: Mari Takács


Dóra Csányi, Orsolya Bernát and Katalin Edinger founded Csimota.
The very first publication  London Teddy Bears by Krisztina Tóth received The children book of the year award

Young artists promoted: Kata Pap, Bori Ruttkai