Davide Cali

Davide Cali (born 1972) is a Swiss-born Italian writer of picture books and graphic novels, primarily for children and young adults. He lives in Italy. His work has been published in 25 countries and translated into many languages.



  • The Enemy (L'Ennemi)

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    (Magyar) Képeskönyv a háborúról és két katonáról, akik azt hiszik ellenségeik egymásnak...

    225x300 mm
    56 pages

    ISBN: 978-963-9768-75-8
    Published: 2014
    Price: 2990 Ft

    Author: Davide Cali
    Illustrator: Serge Bloch
    Translator: Anna Szabó T.
    Editor: Dóra Csányi, Sándor Tsík