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Szegedi Katalin

Katalin Szegedi is one of the most well-known and honoured illustrators in Hungary. While creating a work she does her best to make a book which would ultimately provide the reader with an enduring experience. She works with empathy and her authentic sense of art is clearly present in her books. Looking at her pictures one can feel longing and nostalgia towards an honest and warm world which provides safety along with a sense of humour and some strangeness. Her books for children create a world which is good to be in.

Katalin Szegedi graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts where she majored in Applied Graphics and Book Design, earning her Master of Arts Degree in 1991. That same year, she began illustrating books in her native Hungary. In 1994, Katalin was awarded a scholarship to study in Rome, where she spent three months developing her style. For some years, she taught graphic design and illustration to young artists. In 2001, Ms. Szegedi began creating illustrations for foreign publishers, and her work won her Hungary’s prestigious „The Most Beautiful Children’s Book” prize. This distinction, The Hungarian equivalent to the Caldecott Medal, was repeated in 2003 and in 2005. She is married and has three children. Ms. Szegedi has published more than 50 books and achieved many different national and international awards.

Books published by Csimota Publishing

Szegedi Katalin: Dreamcircus (Álomcirkusz) (2014) Published also in Japanese by Hikumano Publishing, 2003, in Greek by Papadopoulos Publishing, Athens 2001, in slovakian by Buvik Publishing, Bratislava, in Sweden by Felis Förlag, Göteborg

Szegedi Katalin: Lenka (2010) Published also in Swedish by Felis Förlag, in Polish by Namas Publishing, 2011, in French by Ocean Editions, 2011

Szegedi Katalin: Palkó (2013) Published also in Swedish by Felis Förlag, 2013



  • Prince Jelly

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    A story about a princess who loved to eat and to cook.

    210x270 mm
    48 pages
    casebound, hardcover
    ISBN: 978-615-5649-05-9
    Published: 2016 winter
    Price: 2990 Ft

    Author: Szegedi Katalin
    Illustrator: Szegedi Katalin
    Editor: Csányi Dóra, Tsík Sándor

  • Dream Circus

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    The story of the two youngsters is told with delicate humor.

    200x300 mm
    40 pages
    hard cover, casebound
    ISBN: 978-963-9768-79-6
    Published: 2014 winter
    Price: 2690 Ft

    Author: Szegedi Katalin
    Illustrator: Szegedi Katalin
    Editor: Csányi Dóra, Tsík Sándor

  • Once upon a time... (1. edition)

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    (Magyar) Meseantológia. 12 klasszikus és 12 mai mese gyűjteménye. JELENLEG NEM RENDELHETŐ!

    230x250 mm
    112 pages

    ISBN: 963-870-164-1
    Price: 2890 Ft

  • Palko

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    A story about friendship and acceptance as part of the Tolerance series.

    160x190 mm
    32 pages
    case bound, hard cover
    ISBN: 978-963-9768-61-1
    Published: 2013 spring
    Price: 2200 Ft

    Author: Katalin Szegedi
    Illustrator: Katalin Szegedi
    Editor: Dóra Csányi, Sándor Tsík

  • Lenka

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    Lenka’s story is about friendship and acceptance.

    160x190 mm
    24 pages
    casebound, hard cover
    ISBN: 978-963-9768-35-2
    Published: 2010
    Price: 2200 Ft

    Author: Szegedi Katalin
    Illustrator: Szegedi Katalin
    Editor: Csányi Dóra, Rét Viktória