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Brown Morning (Matin brun)

Author: Franck Pavloff
Illustrator: Grela Alexandra
Translator: Piroth Attila, Marie-Laure Piroth
Editor: Csányi Dóra

The “Brown State” is a fictional political system that bans the keeping of non-brown cats and dogs.
Slowly everything turns Brown: cats, dogs, newspapers. Two ordinary men live their calm, comfortable lives in this confusing era. Out of opportunism, convenience, and selfishness they do not feel the urge to act. But on one day they become victims of the system and victims of their own timidity.

This short story of only a few pages shows us with simple words how easy it is for a totalitarian regime to build up.

A Paper-Theatre tale from the age of 10.

370x275 mm
24 pages

ISBN: 978-615-5649-18-9
Published: 2017 autumn
Price: 3990 Ft

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