(Magyar) Intézményi megrendelés esetén, kérje személyre szabott ajánlatunkat! (iskolai jutalomkönyv, ajánlott olvasmány)

Much of a muchness

Author: Schmidt Cecília
Illustrator: Schmidt Cecília
Editor: Csányi Dóra

The same but still different.
In this book you will find 45 proverbs in different languages.

What do you think French people say for “Much of a muchness”? Or how do you say “Wait till the cows come home” in Russian? These proverbs are sometimes as like as two peas. Or aren’t they?

165x180 mm
96 pages
casebound, hard cover
ISBN: 978-615-5649-19-6
Published: 2017 autumn
Price: 2990 Ft

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