(Magyar) Intézményi megrendelés esetén, kérje személyre szabott ajánlatunkat! (iskolai jutalomkönyv, ajánlott olvasmány)

Of Betty and Other Gods (Dettikéről és más istenekről)

Author: Elekes Dóra
Illustrator: Treszner Barbara
Editor: Csányi Dóra, Mészáros Márton, Tsík Sándor

Everybody has an imaginary friend. Even those who do not know about it. He is the one whom we bother in our quiet rooms with questions sotto voce, the one who keeps us strong and who takes the blame for us, he is the one who always keeps talking in our heads when we are alone. But how does he see us? Or our parents? What does he feel when he first has a rival in the shape of a real friend?
The Author of Muter and the Ginns plays with these questions in her absurd and sassy story.

From the age of 10

Extract from Of Betty and Other Gods (Translated by: Mark Baczoni)


165x210 mm
140 pages

ISBN: 978-615-5649-01-1
Published: 2016 summer
Price: 2690 Ft

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