(Magyar) Intézményi megrendelés esetén, kérje személyre szabott ajánlatunkat! (iskolai jutalomkönyv, ajánlott olvasmány)

The Three Little Pigs (Paper Theatre)

Once upon a time there was a diligent pig. One day she told all her three piglets to thrive in the world alone. The first piglet found on the way a big pile of straw, the second one a pile of fagot, the third one a pile of limestone. So they started to build a house.

The tale played on a plate by the illustrations of Kata Pap ends with an unexpected turn of events!
The second bilingual (Hungarian-English) Paper Theatre tale of Csimota.

Translated to English by Mark Baczoni.

370x275 mm
12 pages

ISBN: 978-963-9768-94-9
Price: 3990 Ft

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