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Treasures of the world
jazz audiobook

Author: András Bátky
Illustrator: Kinga Rofusz
Music by: Péter Sárik
Editor: Dóra Csányi, Anett Orosz, Sándor Tsík

The story on the attached CD is accompanied by jazz music composed by one of the best jazz group in Hungary.

This tale is about a restless girl, called Mico, who lives with her family in a true storylike castle on the top of a glass mountain with 100 windows to the world. One day she opens a chest supposedly keeping her father’s treasures. As these treasures suddenly fly away, Mico has to go on a journey to find them. She finds a true follower, a bird, and they together discover the what true treasures are.

230x250 mm
66 pages
hard cover, case bound
ISBN: 978-963-9768-54-3
Published: 2012
Price: 3990 Ft

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