• Dream Circus

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    The story of the two youngsters is told with delicate humor.

    200x300 mm
    40 pages
    hard cover, casebound
    ISBN: 978-963-9768-79-6
    Published: 2014 winter
    Price: 990 Ft

    Author: Szegedi Katalin
    Illustrator: Szegedi Katalin
    Editor: Csányi Dóra, Tsík Sándor

  • The Guardian of the Sounds and Smells

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    All of sudden, the colours disappeared from the world of men…

    190x160 mm
    40 pages

    ISBN: 978-963-9768-72-7
    Published: 2014
    Price: 990 Ft

    Author: Krisztina Maros
    Illustrator: Krisztina Maros
    Editor: Dóra Csányi, Sándor Tsík